Create ScandiPWA App

Set up a ScandiPWA store-front by running one command.

Less to learn

You don't need to learn and configure many build tools. Instant reloads help you focus on development. When it's time to deploy, your bundles are optimized automatically.

Only One Dependency

Your app only needs one build dependency. We test Create ScandiPWA App to make sure that all of its underlying pieces work together seamlessly – no complicated version mismatches.

🚀 Get started in seconds

Create ScandiPWA App allows you to focus on code, not build tools. To create a project called my-app, run this command:

npx create-scandipwa-app my-app

🛠 Easy to Maintain

Updating your build tooling is typically a daunting and time-consuming task. When new versions of Create React App are released, you can upgrade using a single command:

npm install @scandipwa/scandipwa-scripts@latest

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